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Seraphim Medical Center offers state-of-the-art treatments within regenerative medicine such as INDIBA® and PRP treatments using cutting-edge technology based on the latest research and developments in the field.

INDIBA® is a groundbreaking technology that has been used around the world to treat pain and promote rehabilitation using radio frequencies and is now available in Indonesia. Representing the latest in scientific research, INDIBA® treatments are available for treating chronic lower back pain as well as detoxification to remove toxins and improve blood circulation.

INDIBA® uses a deep cellular regenerative radiofrequency system that works by applying high-frequency currents into the tissues to create localized internal heating. Through Proionic action, the treatment allows the body’s ions to exchange within the cellular membrane, enabling the cells to flush out toxins and waste, while oxygenating and rebalancing, creating a detoxifying effect in the body tissue. This boosted circulation allows the cells to obtain the nutrients they need to be rebalanced.

The INDIBA® frequency generates a series of physiological and therapeutical effects that encourage cell renewal, promote collagen production, accelerate healing, improve blood circulation, and counteract the effects of aging. Results can often be seen from the first treatment creating a feeling of deep relaxation, leaving the body feeling energized with reduced inflammation and glowing skin.