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Movement Treatment


Movement and physical therapy are designed to improve your overall physical wellbeing and address sources of pain which have a direct impact on your mental and emotional health. Incorporating physical activity into daily routines has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, therefore playing a crucial role in general health. It can also support and enhance the impact of other treatments for improved and long-lasting results.

Muscle tone and strength declines with age placing older people at greater risk of injury and lengthening recovery times. As part of Active Aging, a physical exercise routine can help maintain the body’s overall condition and help prevent injuries as well as reduce discomfort from the general wear and tear that arises with aging. Your movement therapist will design an exercise program that is suited to your age, capabilities and problem areas to keep your body and mind active throughout your later years.

Following an initial consultation with your movement therapist to understand your physical condition and gain a full physical history, a personalised treatment plan will be created. This will take into account other treatments that you are undertaking as well as any particular goals when it comes to your physical capacity. As you progress, your customised exercise and stretching routine will amplify your range of motion, reduce pain, improve your balance and overall physical performance.