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Lifestyle Medicine

Stress Management

Stress can be aggravated by a broad range of factors from professional or personal troubles to recent and past trauma with each individual handling it differently. Seraphim Medical Center helps clients to understand themselves better, their stress factors and develop a healthy psychological mindset.

Whatever the cause, unmanaged stress can have serious physical and mental health consequences and requires understanding at an individual level to craft personalized coping strategies. One such example is the 4As; avoid, accept, alter and adapt to establish a more robust and positive mindset when dealing with stressful situations and circumstances in the short and longer term.

Our professional psychologists help clients to understand themselves better, and their stress aggravators, and develop a healthy psychological mindset for improved immune function and overall well-being. Stress management therapies vary according to the needs of the individual and may involve a combination of different types of therapies such as counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and meditation. Our Medical Personnel will advise on adjustments to your everyday lifestyle as well such as better sleep hygiene, greater exposure to nature, and mindfulness techniques to provide the necessary foundations for reducing and handling everyday and acute stress. Learning to handle stress better can significantly improve your quality of life, mental health, and immune system function to live a happier, healthier life.