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Lifestyle Medicine

Health Coach

Health coach focuses on key parameters of a client’s health which includes diet, sleep, exercise, and stress levels which all directly impact each other. These are accurately calibrated through vital health measurements such as body composition scanning, BMI, muscle mass, and physical ability tests among others. During your personal consultation, our experienced health coaches will gather a detailed picture of your current health and medical history, your everyday eating habits as well as better understand your objectives to craft a personalised program.

Working with a health coach serves as an educative tool to learn more about the role diet, exercise sleep and stress play in your overall health in addition to how these factors interplay with each other. Clients can better understand their specific profile, gain knowledge on techniques for establishing healthy eating and exercise habits as well as the answers to any questions that they may have.

By establishing realistic goals together with your health coach, you can ensure that they are manageable and attainable with clear follow up mechanisms for real results as well as adjustments when necessary. Furthermore, they will support you through your transition to a healthier lifestyle and be available throughout your journey to ensure that you remain consistent and on track to achieve your objectives be it for weight loss, improved physical fitness, or overall health.