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DNA Screening Test

Your genetic profile is your health blueprint offering a reference manual that can reveal the best diet, types of exercise, and sleep patterns to help you achieve optimal health as well as determine preventive care.

Your genetic profile is your personal health blueprint offering a reference manual for key functions in the body such as digestion, vitamin B cycle, immune function, cardiac and brain function. The latest technology in DNA testing allows our medical staff to evaluate the interaction between your genetic predisposition to certain conditions and the manifestation of symptoms, so that prevention and treatment can be carried out more efficiently and accurately.

At Seraphim Medical Center, DNA testing is made available for lifestyle factors to reveal how your body responds to nutrients and exercise as well as heart health and predisposition to cardiac disorders. The test results reveal the best diet, types of physical activity, and sleep habits for your distinct genetic makeup for weight loss, stress management, skin improvement, and overall health. DNA screening is also available in assessing various types of cancer as well as in understanding your genetic predisposition to hereditary cancers and prevention for your health.