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Complementary Alternative Medicine

Medical Massage

Medical Massage is a type of massage therapy carried out by a trained masseuse to treat a specific medical diagnosis such as back pain, chronic pain, headaches, stress or injuries. It differs from other types of massage in that it is outcome-based, with a focus on improving muscle health and circulation, relieving nerve compression, and aiding future recovery as opposed to promoting relaxation. Our therapist will draw on a range of massage techniques to best treat your particular condition which may include deep tissue and trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, and Myofascial release, among others.

Each Medical Massage session is personalized to your specific health issues and our therapist will also advise on follow-up sessions as part of an ongoing treatment plan that can be added to your wellness or rehabilitation program. At the conclusion of your treatment plan, you will enjoy greater flexibility, reduced inflammation, and pain in the affected area as well as improved muscle function.